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Our Most Popular Au Pair Gap Year Destinations

Au Pair in BritainBRITAIN

Au Pair in England – London needs no introduction; if watching the Olympics wasn’t enough, go now to see for yourself: going there for a year is simply awesome!

Most of our host families live in or near London in lovely homes with many other au pairs nearby. Eat strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, wear your finest for Ladies Day at Ascot and your glam wellies for Glastonbury! You are also just a short hop across the channel from France and the rest of Europe for frequent weekend-breaks. We also offer our Mother’s help program in Britain, for those who are happy to do longer hours and earn more pocket money!

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Au Pair in USAUSA

Au Pair in the USA – every year thousands of au pairs travel to the USA from all over the world. It is the most international au pair program with a great orientation and support program. Our US agency helps with matching and visa sponsorship. New York and Florida are amongst favourite locations but there is SO much to explore and experience all over the US, it would be hard to give a preference!

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Au Pair in IrelandIRELAND

Au Pair in Ireland – Ireland may be small in size but it’s definitely big in personality! Host families are mostly located in the vibrant city of Dublin and the country is compact so it’s easy to visit the countryside, surf in Donegal and celebrate the oyster festival in Galway. The friendly locals will give you the warmest welcome and maybe some live music if you are lucky!

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Au Pair in FranceFRANCE

Au pair in France – Choosing to be an au pair in France allows you to experience the magic of Paris and its surrounds, where everything seems more beautiful and more stylish somehow. French food, culture and language become part of your daily life as an au pair for a French family.

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Au Pair in NetherlandsNETHERLANDS

Au pair in Holland (the Netherlands) – the Dutch are some of the most open and inquisitive people you will ever meet. They enjoy practising English by talking about Australia. This tiny country has an easy and tolerant attitude with lots of fun stuff for young people. Amsterdam is a must and so are the beaches and summer festivals all over Holland. There’s so much more than windmills! With a Dutch CEO, we will show you! P.S. No need to speak the lingo…

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Au Pair in GermanyGERMANY

Au pair in Germany – known more for efficiency and design than for being a youth travel destination, the German families are very eager to show you the places that others may have missed out on. Munich is our personal favourite for fun and festivals, and is close to the other Alpine destinations of Austria and Switzerland. Outdoorsy types will LOVE the Bavarian region. For culture vultures we recommend Berlin with its rich history, beautiful buildings and affordable nightlife.

FLIGHT BONUS – on successful completion, you receive up to €1200 to pay for your return flights!

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Au Pair in CanadaCANADA

Au pair in Canada – Canadian families are known for their warmth and their passion for all things outdoors! Whether it’s hiking, fishing, horse riding or skiing – your host family will be eager to show you the best of Canada throughout all of its seasons.

Canada has it all! Are you a Mountain girl or a Prairie girl?

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Au Pair in ItalyITALY

Au pair in Italy – Italian food, language, fashion and culture all make this country ‘the place to be’. From historical Rome and romantic Venice to relaxing in the Tuscan Hills, this is the perfect destination for your gap year. Combine language school with the comfort of family living as an au pair in this beautiful country.

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Au Pair in SpainSPAIN

Demi pair in Spain – The Spanish stretch the day in all directions! They like to make the most of the balmy evenings by having a little siesta at lunchtime. The evenings are then filled with get-togethers, friends and fun. Spain has great cities and many people live close to the coast. Barcelona is a top au pair destination with a very young and lively attitude. With so many British people coming here for holidays and to live, you are never far from a fellow English speaker either.

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